Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Quickly Share Using HootSuite Hootlet

Quickly Share Using HootSuite Hootlet

People love to share to everyone about their activities, popular news or other important information. They want to be the first and fastest to spread the content, certainly. They usually do "copy and paste" the link to message box. I think it takes a lot of time, while we know that "time is money" :D . Using HootSuite Hootlet is a new way to save your time and make it more effectively. You only need one click and you can share the content to your friends.

Advantages of Using HootSuite Hootlet

See the following advantages of using HootSuite Hootlet.
  • The Hootlet automatically takes content you want to share and pops it into a message. So, you don't need to copy the link and paste it into the message box on your dashboard.
  • Then, you can AutoSchedule your posts and your links are shared at your match time. it's Great isn't?
  • The Hootlet will save your time when sharing social content because you don't need to leave the web page.
  • You can monitoring how much people who click your content, because all links shared are trackable in Owly Reporting Modules.
  • You become more productive and efficient.

Install HootSuite Hootlet

You can use Hootlet in any browser. In this article, I will show you about installing Hootlet in Firefox. See the following steps and apply to your computer. This is very easy to do and everyone can do it. Good luck guys :D

Click this link and select the Hootlet Link Share for Firefox. Click Install Add On.

Quickly Share Using HootSuite Hootlet 

Now you are on Add-Ons Firefox site and click +Add To Firefox

Quickly Share Using HootSuite Hootlet

Wait until the Software Installation pop-up appears, then click Install Now.

 Quickly Share Using HootSuite Hootlet

After that, restart your Firefox and the Hootlet will appear in the upper right.

Quickly Share Using HootSuite Hootlet

The Hootlet has already installed in your Firefox and you're ready to use it. You only need one click and share content to your friends. 

Quickly Share Using HootSuite Hootlet

    What People Say About Hootlet?

    Erik Lehnsherr
    "Simple and easy to use. Not AS much of a use for it anymore with Twitter incorporating its own URL shortener, but I'm a longtime Hootsuite fan and I still think there's no better twitter app for managing multiple accounts for free."

    "Simple, easy-to-use add-on. Goes without saying that you should be a Hootsuite user before this is any benefit to you, but I'd highly recommend Hootsuite to anyone with multiple twitter accounts."

    Paul Donnelly
    "Works as promised. Makes it super easy to tweet out a link from HootSuite!"
    See other reviews at the link and .

    Written by +Riky Lutfi Hamzah 
    HootSuite Campus Ambassador


    1. Thanks for sharing Riky! Very useful content and the screen shots are great :)

      1. Yeah, i think HootSuite has many great features and it's worth to spread with others. Thanks +Elaiza for helping me to share this on @hootcampus and CA Facebook Page.

    2. Thanks for sharing your knowledge of the HootLet Riky.

      It's great to see how you use it for managing your personal social media.

      Welcome to the Ambassador program!

      - David from HootSuite

      1. Thanks +David for visiting my blog.
        I'm very excited to join the Ambassador Program. I look forward to working with you and do many great things. And thanks to inviting me to join in Google+ group today.


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